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Company History

Company History

Fujiplastic Co., Ltd. was founded

June, 1970 Fujiplastic Co. Ltd. was founded in Komaki, Aichi prefecture with capital of 3 million yen and started the window glass machining for YS-11, the domestic passenger airplane.
November, 1974 Increased the capital to 6 million yen.
October, 1990 Increased the capital to 12 million yen.
September, 1991 Completed the office building (730 ㎡) and the machining factory (700 ㎡).
October, 1992 Increased the capital to 36 million yen.
July, 1997 Established Matsumoto Office.
January, 1998 Established the technology development division.
September, 1998 Increased the capital to 72 million yen.
April, 2002 Grouped Tokai Plastic Kogei Co. Ltd. (Komaki)
October, 2002 Planned the corporate philosophy and vision. Started the first midterm management plan.
November, 2002 Tatsushi Watanabe became the president.
January, 2003 Established Tokyo Office.
October, 2005 Started the second midterm management plan
March, 2006 Became ISO9001 certified (Headquarters・Factory, Tokyo Office, Matsumoto Office)
June, 2007 Established the product planning department.

Changed the name to Fujjidenolo towards Innovative Growth period

August, 2008 Changed the company name to Fujidenolo Co. Ltd.
Merged Tokai Plastic Kogei Co. Ltd.
August, 2008 Established the special product division.
October, 2008 Started the third midterm management plan.
May, 2010 Released the microbubble & carbonated bath “Mibule”
October, 2010 Started the new third midterm management plan.
February, 2011 Obtained the medical device manufacturing license.
August, 2011 Completed the new headquarters (6,666 ㎡) and relocated.
April, 2012 Obtained the medical equipment manufacturing and sales approval class III
July, 2012 Released the carbonated shower unit "B-da".
September, 2012 Earned Good Design Award on “B-da”
September, 2012 Established Human Health sales department (now, Healthcare division)
April, 2014 Started the 4th midterm management plan.
April, 2014 Released the ferromagnetic detector “MAGGUARD”
April, 2014 Changed the name of special product division to Amusement division
April, 2014 Changed the name of Human health department to Healthcare division
July, 2016 Increased the capital to 98 million yen.