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A message from our president


Since our establishment in 1970, we have earned the trust of a large number of customers by providing precision resin parts for airplanes and other industrial machinery. In 2008, we changed our name to Fujidenolo and committed to our new goal of creating products that fully incorporate both design and technology.

In the 21st century, the world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Fujidenolo aims to make use of the full potential of its employees, and the manufacturing knowledge and technical ability acquired over years of experience, in order to meet the needs of this era of rapid change. The mission of the "Denolo-model", "Denolo-ship" and "Denolo-brand" we have established is to provide high quality products and services that fully satisfy all customer needs.

Our goal for the future is to become a company loved and trusted worldwide through employing the "Denolo-model" - our management vision of becoming a company that customers can fully rely on, the "Denolo-ship" - supporting our employees in their efforts to reach their dreams though personal growth, and the "Denolo-brand" - creating user-friendly, innovative, high quality design products.

We are always thinking about what makes a company indispensable, and realize the importance of challenging ourselves to reach that goal. Our company motto of "Unleashing human potential, bringing ideas for life" is put to practice in our day-to-day efforts to constantly exceed customer expectations.

We continue to strive for the happiness of all our stakeholders, and hope to make more and more Fujidenolo fans in the process.



代表取締役社長  渡邊 樹志

President and CEO
Tatsushi Watanabe