Quality Policy & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy  

  1. As a professional of manufacturing, we provide exceptional products in order to meet customers’ requirements. In doing so we hope to inspire customer confidence and create a positive lasting impression.
  2. In order to continuously produce non-defective products you need a unified and communicative team. Based on this idea, we built a framework to relay the concept of quality to our customers and we continuously endeavor to build on and improve this framework.
  3. All our employees understand QMS and the quality policy. They must achieve results through synergy and communication and their respective responsibilities with continuous improvement in the quality of human relationships.

Environmental Philosophy

We strive to live as one with nature and to ensure the conservation of our environment.

Environmental Policy

  1. We preserve nature in order to protect and improve our environment.
  2. We educate our employees to be conscious about the global environment.
  3. We ensure our production activities are energy efficient.
  4. We develop environmentally friendly products.
  5. We observe environmental laws and regulations.
  6. We set and achieve environmentally friendly targets through conservation activities.