Our Company

Corporate Vision and Employees Action Guideline

Management Vision

We aim to be a company with gross sales of $1,000,000 with 20+% profit ratio by March 31, 2023.
Establishing ultimate value-added “DENOLO-MODEL” for our OEM business, we are to be the most reliable partner to our customers.
We are to be a manufacturer producing our original products, which contributes to customers’ delights by establishing “DENOLO-BRAND”.
For us to achieve the vision, we are to prepare “DENOLO-SHIP” that supports our employees, who aim to achieve their dreams and goals by their self-improvement.

Strive to achieve the above, and when achieved, our company becomes a success model that our employees and the family members are happily fulfilled with excitement, appreciation and satisfaction.

Fujidenolo's employee is;

  1. One who desires self-growth
  2. One who holds passion inside
  3. One who owns cheerful heart
  4. One who continuously studies
  5. One who is punctual
  6. One who is willing to go extra miles
  7. One who is honest
  8. One who is thoughtful to others
  9. One who has a special talent

Employee credo

  1. Willingness is the key, be motivated
  2. Aggressively challenge for your self-improvement
  3. Acknowledge there is no task that cannot overcome
  4. The good you do for others is good you do yourself
  5. Charge positive energy within
  6. Be creative for achieving
  7. Be ease for continuation