Our Company

Corporate Vision and Employees Action Guideline

Corporate Vision

  1. By the end of March 2023, our company to be high profitable company that achieves gross sales of 10 billion yen and ordinary income of 2 billion yen.
    To do so, we are to establish the denolo MODEL, which is the ultimate contract manufacturing model creating new value, be the most reliable business partner from the stakeholders.
    At the same time, we are to become a manufacturer delivering our own products that delight our customers, and create people-friendly denolo BRAND.
    In addition, during the process of achieving the vision, denolo SHIP to support self-development of our employees who continue to challenge with their dreams.
    At the time the vision is achieved, all DENOLO employees, together with their family members, are filled with excitement, gratitude and satisfaction, which is the success model of any companies.

Employees Action Guidelin

  1. You cannot begin without mind/will.
  2. You should always strive for self-advancement.
  3. No obstacle is too great to overcome.
  4. Know that you will receive by giving.
  5. Positive minds and energy lead to positive results and growth.
  6. Achieve through ideas.
  7. Simplicity is key to continuity