Privacy Policy

Fujidenolo understands the extreme importance of appropriately protecting any personal information we obtain, complies with laws and regulations pertaining to protection of personal information, and has established a basic policy (Privacy Policy) for the protection of personal information.

Legal compliance and safety control measures

  • Fujidenolo complies with laws, regulations, and policies established by the government regarding personal information.
  • In order to prevent leaks, damage, or loss of personal data we handle, Fujidenolo takes all necessary and appropriate safety control measures.
  • In order to maintain safety control for personal data we handle, Fujidenolo carries out necessary and appropriate supervision of applicable employees when Fujidenolo employees are handling personal data.

Acquisition of personal information

Personal information that Fujidenolo handles is basically what has been provided voluntarily from our customers including the following three ways.

  1. When the inquiry form is used on the Fujidenolo website
  2. When the inquiry form is used on job searching websites
  3. When communicated via e-mail, postal mail, telephone or verbally

Not limited to the above, all means in light of common sense are applied.

Proper handling of personal information

  • To the extent possible, Fujidenolo will specify the purpose of using the personal information.
  • Fujidenolo will not use personal information for purposes that go beyond the specified purpose of using personal information without the consent of the individual in advance.
  • Fujidenolo will not obtain personal information through deceit or other fraudulent means.
  • Except in cases where the purpose of use is publicly known, Fujidenolo will immediately notify the purpose of use of obtained personal information to the individual or make it publicly known.
  • When, in the course of concluding a contract with an individual, Fujidenolo obtains personal information included on said contract or other documents (records including electronic methods, magnetic methods, or other methods imperceptible to humans), or obtains personal information directly from an individual in the form of other documents, we will identify the purpose of usage to the individual.
  • When Fujidenolo changes the purpose of use, changes will not be made going beyond the range of reasonably accepted level to the original purpose of use.
  • When Fujidenolo changes the purpose of use, the individual will be notified of the changes or the changes will be published.
  • Fujidenolo will not provide personal information to third parties without the individual’s prior consent.

Purpose of personal information

  • Fujidenolo may obtain personal information when a product is purchased, on questionnaires, during campaigns, and when receiving inquiries. Personal information of customers is used for the following purposes.
    1. For questionnaire surveys by postal mail, telephone, or e-mail for purposes of product development, employment, and in order to improve customer satisfaction.
    2. For replies to customer inquiries.
    3. To send information about Fujidenolo products, services, events, or campaigns by postal mail, telephone, e-mail or other means.
  • Fujidenolo obtains personal information for employment purposes when viewing resumes, work histories, and transcript of results.  Personal information of applicants is used for the following purposes.
    1. To determine whether or not to employ applicants.
    2. To contact applicants.

Disclosure to third parties

In principle, Fujidenolo does not disclose personal information to third parties.

However, we may disclose the personal information in the following cases.

  1. When an individual has given consent.
  2. When it is necessary to disclose personal information for purposes of use identified to the individual and there is a personal information protection agreement between Fujidenolo and group companies, partner companies, affiliates, and subcontractors.
  3. When requestec by courts of law, justice department or police.
  4. When demanded by law or lawful act.

Consignment of personal information

Fujidenolo will consign personal data within the scope of the purpose of use to fulfil the identified purpose of use.

When all or part of personal data is consigned, Fujidenolo carries out necessary and appropriate supervision of applicable consignees who handle the personal data in order to maintain safety control.

Request for disclosure

When Fujidenolo is requested by an individual to disclose, amend, add, delete, or notify the purpose of use (hereafter referred to as “disclose, etc.”) of any applicable personal data held by the company, Fujidenolo will disclose, etc. without delay.

When Fujidenolo is requested by an individual to cease use of, delete, or cease providing to third parties (hereafter referred to as “cease using, etc.”) any applicable personal data held by the company, Fujidenolo will cease using, etc., without delay when a reason has been identified.

When Fujidenolo does not take all or part of an action requested by an individual, or if the action taken is different from requested, Fujidenolo will endeavor to notify the individual and to explain the reason.

Inquiries, complaints and consultation regarding personal information

Fujidenolo endeavors to quickly and appropriately process complaints about handling of personal information.

Fujidenolo endeavors to provide the necessary framework for achieving the objectives mentioned above.

Contact Information

Fujidenolo Co., Ltd. Administration Dept. :0568-74-1757

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Name of the business entity handling personal information

Fujidenolo, Co., Ltd.

Tatsushi Watanabe, President and CEO