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We are also puting effort into the area where we produce and realize the ideas of decoration and entertainment that the market wants and provide the services to many users’ machine developments by presenting innovative ideas, utilizing procurement network based on the long-lasting relationship that Fujidenolo has nurtured even among other industries.

We have provided a full production system from design, to blueprint, decoration, machining, and assembly to meet customers' requirements.

Planning and Development


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We are always looking into the innovative entertainment items by utilizing knowledge and know-how based on requests not only from engineers in the amusement business but also from other industries such as aerocraft, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, shops and other industries’ trends.



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A entertainment machine is created that will excite players, and is drawn exactly as imagined.

Because this is a creative effort that entails creation from a scratch, a certain level of sense is required.



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To realize the actual product created by the visual designers, CAD is used for blueprinting.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD are necessary to create and excellent product.



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We provide the effective entertainment decorations for amusement machines. They are aesthetic components, that are the face parts of the machine and might reduce the product value if contamination occurs during the manufacturing process. Therefore, we maintain the same level of environments as production of semiconductor equipment.


NC machining

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We process the appropriate materials for amusement plate by utilizing dedicated NC machines. From the view point of quality assurance of plastic material well-experienced operators are working in the temperature controlled room. We are No. 1 in the industry in terms of number of machines owned as well.



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We do assembly if required. We also design and blueprint the product in consideration of assembly efficiency and strength. We can arrange injection parts by utilizing our procurement network and are proud that our customers are satisfied including QCD.

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