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Ferromagnetic Material Detector for MRI “MAGGUARD”

MAGGUARD assists the prevention of ferromagnetic materials being taken into the MRI room. The more high-field scanners that are installed, the number of MR system related accidents, caused by the presence of ferromagnetic materials, is increasing. This, as well as the growing number of procedures globally, means there is a higher risk. Precautions must be taken to protect patients, hospital staff and MR scanners.


Bolus/Collimator for Particle Beam Therapies

The bolus, or compensator, is used to control the depth of irradiated energy for particle beam therapy (radiotherapy). The collimator is used to shape the beam emerging from the machine and ALSO LIMITS the maximum field size of a beam. Both devices are prepared to fulfill the patient specific needs according to the shape and location of the cancer during the same therapy. Fujidenolo has the No.1 market share in this business in Japan.


Patient Immobilization System for Radiation Therapy “FREEDOM”

The patient is required to remain still during the radiation therapy. A single modular based precision patient positioning platform that indexes directly to any treatment couch. With seven indexable modules that accurately position your patient in the two primary supine configurations, Arms Up or Arms Down. All patient setup configurations on the CDR’s Freedom system are optimized for Rapid Arc, and Cone Beam imaging.


Electron Bolus for Liniac /Photon Beam Therapy “CLEARFIT BOLUS”

To ensure that the required dose is received by the patient, the electron bolus must be the correct thickness. The CLEARFIT bolus was developed and manufactured colorless and transparent so that the patient’s markers can been seen clearly.


Pulsating Cardiac Phantom “ALPHA PHANTOM”

We offer the pulsating cardiac phantom which allows users to quantitatively evaluate CT scanners. THE ALPHA SERIES PHANTOM simulates cardiac motion by pumping iodinated contrast material or other liquids THROUGH/INTO a rubber tube. MRI-compatible phantoms are also available.


Endovascular Simulator “EVE”

The human-body-shape simulator is used for the training of endovascular surgery or catheter manipulation. EVE provides a realistic IVR environment simulation experience that will satisfy your necessities for medical training, medical tools evaluation, and surgery rehearsal.


MRI-compatible Incubator “nomag IC”

With the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag® IC, premature babies and newborns can be wheeled directly into the MR scanner. They lie protected inside the unique MR-incubator throughout the entire examination. Their entire body is scanned, free from radiation.



Imaging phantom is a specially designed object that is to be scanned or imaged in the field of medical imaging to evaluate, analyze, and fine-tune the performance of various imaging devices. We can also offer custom-made phantoms to fulfill EACH facilities’ specific needs.


Dose Meter

We can also provide measuring meters for X-ray, CT and Nuclear Medicine, as well as measuring devices for protection during radiotherapy.


CT/MRI compatible Stretcher

We also offer CT/MRI compatible stretchers or trolleys. Their unique design allows easy maneuverability and nullifies the needs to left the patients to and from the scanner bed. Their bed can be removed easily and moved onto scanner’s table without feeling the (patient's weight/ weight of the patient).


DICOM Calibration Software “PerfectLum”

We supply the software “PerfectLum” as well as meters for light measurement to meet quality assurance needs of medical displays and their DICOM calibration.



Being a plastic component manufacturer with a long history, we can offer biochips or other devices to be incorporated in or to be used as a part of medical products such as blood test devices.


Li BNCT System

BNCT is cutting-edge treatment for refractory cancer. It called the next-generation of radiation therapy, following the standard Photon beam therapy and Particle beam therapy. CICS,.Inc. has developed a new revolutionary system that uses small an accelerator for proton beam and Li target which is automatically restore to produce neutrons for BNCT instead of a conventional nuclear reactor. It is compact, low-cost, and very safe to use, enabling its adoption in private hospital.