Industrial Machine

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Industrial machine

We have been manufacturing functional parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aerospace industry and electronic devices. We continue making every effort to achieve the high accuracy and high precision which is required from companies in the high-technology industries. We make it happen based on the required specifications.


Semiconductor Equipment

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There are various machines in the semiconductor equipment category used to manufacture semiconductor (IC) such as material membrane production equipment, process machine for material membrane using photo etching technology, trace impurity adding machine, assembly machine and inspection machine. Our products are often used in the silicon wafer cleaning equipment. They are used for the chemical cleaning process, therefore chemical resistant and non-corrosive plastics (PVC, PTFE) and high strength super engineering plastics (PI, PEEK), high heat resistance plastics and other functional special plastics are often used and we provide high precision technology to process them according to customers’ quality requirements. Also, as the semiconductor miniaturization technology progresses, cleaner equipment and environment are required. We meet them and maintain the necessary manufacturing technology and production environment.


Electrics and Electronics

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The area that the miniaturization progresses as well as semiconductor industry.

We support the effective and functional manufacturing from selecting appropriate materials for anti-electricity and anti-static protection to suggestions for shape and function and machining method. We also provide from precision components to integral assy by utilizing cooperative enterprises who have wide-range of precision manufacturing and machining technologies. Also, we support overall production including the design, manufacturing and assembly of original inspection tools.


Medical Equipment

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We manufacture components used in the hemodialysis machine, vision tester, blood analysis machine, therapeutic apparatus and other medical equipment including precise functional parts disposables such as biochips used in the analyser. Also, we meet the needs of wide-range products including a large therapeutic bed requiring special material and other precision process required products. We, as a medical equipment manufacturing and sales approval holder, maintain the high quality control system according to ISO that covers the quality management and traceability.



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Since its foundation (manufacturing the acrylic window of YS-11) until now (parts used in the tail unit of Boeing 787), we have been providing parts to the aerospace industry where lightweight parts are necessary. Plastics strengthened with carbon fiber and other materials are often used. The machinery and processes are different depending on the materials used but we apply our “know-how” which we have accumulated over a long period of time to meet our customers’ requirements.


Sensing Field

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In today’ s environment, we are surrounded by many electronic devices, which are functioned by "Measuring" various aspects. As there is no relevant output if input is inaccurate, "Measuring" = "Sensing" is the key factor that became essential for technologies of today’ s society. Sensors can gather more information than the five senses human being has, and can produce data that reflects various trends of the environment. In order to collect useful digital data, there are various kinds of sensing devices, which are rapidly evolving. Fujidenolo strives to develop ultra-sensitive sensors, which can be applied in various fields based on our sensor technology cultivated in medical and industrial fields. By offering packaged systems, Fujidenolo will provide devices that can respond to the diverse workplace needs to support clients’ research and development.