Interior & Decoration

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Interior & Decoration

We have a wealth of experience working with interior designers, lighting designers, store designers, and other creative directors. We utilize this experience and knowledge to propose novel ideas that satisfy customers.

Major Products and Services

Commercial Facilities

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In order to create thriving stores along with designers who plan facilities for attracting customers, we turn designer images into actual products.

Proposal areas are not limited to plastic creations, but we also handle lighting objects, original plate design, store design, and construction.

LED Products

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By offering a lineup that includes LED line bars with adjustable color to meet a variety of needs with flexible circuit boards, we can meet customers' presentation needs using LED.

We provide an integrated service from selection to planning and production of original plates for spatial presentations, LED sign production, light guide plate production, and LED boards.

  • Fujidenolo technology / LED Products
  • Original circuit boards
    (Citizen line bars, flexible catalogs)

Planning and Design proposals

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By understanding customer needs, making use of materials knowledge, machining knowledge, design knowledge, and the ability to provide the best proposals as manufacturing professionals, we are able to provide plan proposals with low-cost and high-quality.

We also provide an integrated service from planning to visual design, product design, and production.

Original Plates