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Technology of Fujidenolo

Fujidenolo is also engaged in the technology development that supports the speedy technology innovation and medical technology from our original view point and create the new value to open up in addition to the precision machining technology that has met the long-lasting customers’ needs.

Bonding / Welding / Polymerization Bonding




When bonding plastics, the adhesive must be carefully selected and mixed depending on the material, product and component. Solvent-based adhesives are mainly used which are poured onto the bonding plane by a syringe. When strength is necessary, a bonding rod specially made for the purpose is used.


When welding (hot-air welding) plastics, a rod-shaped object (welding rod) that is the same as the material to be processed is heated with a hot gun to the temperature that it becomes weldable so that both melt and cohere together. Moreover, temperature, air volume and pressing force are controlled depending on the material and place.

Bonding and welding are technologies indispensable for products that require design, strength and airtightness.

Polymerization Bonding

Polymerization Bonding is one of the adhesion methods of acrylics. It is the processing technology which pours a monomer between blocks that you want to ply up. Since it has strong adhesion intensity and the result on appearance is also more beautiful than solvent adhesion, it is used to manufacture the large-sized tanks of an aquarium etc. Management of processing conditions, such as a pretreatment, temperature and humidity, is difficult.

Product Examples

Semiconductor Equipment / Welding ・Bonding

Material : PP

Semiconductor Equipment Washing / Welding ・Bonding

Material : PVC

Medical Equipment / Polymerization Bonding

Material : PMMA