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Technology of Fujidenolo

Fujidenolo is also engaged in the technology development that supports the speedy technology innovation and medical technology from our original view point and create the new value to open up in addition to the precision machining technology that has met the long-lasting customers’ needs.

Freshness Sensor System



The freshness sensor system is a sensor system that can evaluate and measure the freshness of fish with one drip of extract of marine products. (mainly fish meat)

Traditionally the measurement of fish freshness depends on chemicals that require handling with care and large equipment such as high-speed liquid chromatography and thus has made it difficult to do at the sites of production, distribution and consumption. Furthermore, the traditional method is considered valid over 24 hours after landing. (production site) In the meantime, it became possible to deliver the marine products within 24 hours due to the developed distribution system. We therefore developed the ambulatory freshness measurement device that enables the evaluation of freshness on site easily and quickly. By this device, we believe that the freshness evaluation can be done objectively, not depending upon somebody’s experience and hunch and therefore, assure the quality or the added-value of marine products. This freshness sensor system was developed by National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, University of Tsukuba and Fujidenolo.

What is Freshness measurement system?

  • Sensor chip that enables the evaluation with a drip of fish meat extract.
  • Rainproof Ambulatory ATP measurement that enables the on-site operation
    *ATP: adenosine triphosphate ATP changes in a few hours after landing
  • Extract compressor to obtain a drip of fish meat that does not require complicated operation, easy to use and quick measurement (approx. 10 sec.)
  • Added functions to measure deliciousness and the traditional freshness index K
    *Index K: the number that quantifies the ratio of decomposition product of ATP. The change in a few hours after landing is minimum.