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Technology of Fujidenolo

Fujidenolo is also engaged in the technology development that supports the speedy technology innovation and medical technology from our original view point and create the new value to open up in addition to the precision machining technology that has met the long-lasting customers’ needs.

Plastic Faceplate Decorating Technology


Plastic Faceplate Decorating Technology

This is a technology that adds decorations to plastic faceplates by attaching printed films. We have developed our uniquely processable film adhesive to allow cutting works to be done after attaching.

Since high-volume processing is possible, this technology is being utilized by many of our customers in the amusement industry for both thin and thick plastics.

jushi 1
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Processing flow

STEP1. Printing

Using the off-set printing, we print the pattern to decorate the film.


STEP2. Plying-Up

We have implemented the stress-free uniform pressure plying.

We affix the work accurately while sustaining its high functionality. We have the technology to affix the sheet-like film without scratch, wrinkle and bubble.

1 Adhesion (Alignment)

Set the plastic plate and the printing film on the adhesion base

2. Peel-Off

Peel off the protection film by applying uniform adhesion

3. Alignment (Correction)

Complete the alignment of the plastic plate and the printing film by utilizing the automatic correction

4. Plying and Crimping

Crimp the printing film with the plastic plate using the uniform pressure

5. Discharge

Stop the adhesion and take out the affixed work

6. Completion


STEP3. Machining

We do the router machining (punching) on the plastic plate after affixing the film. We can handle a large production with multi-head machines.