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Technology of Fujidenolo

Fujidenolo is also engaged in the technology development that supports the speedy technology innovation and medical technology from our original view point and create the new value to open up in addition to the precision machining technology that has met the long-lasting customers’ needs.

MI Sensor Technology

Features of sensor:


MI sensor

MI sensor is a super high-sensitive magnetic sensor utilizing the magneto-impedance (MI) effect ofamorphous wire that Prof.

Mohri, Nagoya University et al. discovered in 1993.MI sensor captures the change of magnetic characteristics of the amorphous wire relative to the environment using the amorphous wire as a sensing part.


Principle of MI sensor:

Principle for detecting magnetic field


Magnetic series sensor head :

The magnetic flux density distribution of magnetic disturbances in a wire becomes symmetrical with respect to a longitudinal midpoint of a wire. So by conducting a difference operation of outputs of two sensors, the sensor head can cancel the noise from the environment and surrounding devices with high accuracy.(Patent No.5429717)
mi-element2Merits of MI magnetic series sensor head
  • Measureable from DC to MHz with digital process only
  • It does not require the magnetic shield while high resolution
  • The system is compact and portable
  • Room temperature operation is possible

Own product applying the magnetic series sensors:MAGGUARD

Device outlines:

Preventing absorption accident of MR systems

As more high-field scanners are installed, the number of MR system related accidents,caused by the presence of ferromagnetic materials, has increased.Examples of absorption accident include death. MAGGUARD equipped with magnetic series sensor heads (high-sensitive magnetic sensor) checks belongings of persons entering MR room and prevents adsorption accidents.


To separate minute magnetic signals from noise with high accuracy, we developed and introduced the magnetic series sensor head of over-200 mm length,although it is difficult to sustain manufacturing accuracy of sensor heads.


Data density is one thousand times of Music CD data.

In spite of noisy environment, by fore Al functions MAGGUARD learns noise pattern so that it can prevent false positives.


How to use

Ⅰ. Detecting small magnetic materials at a distance of a few decimeters.

  hairpin, ballpoint pen, lighter, stethoscope etc.

  →used for screening of patients and doctors etc.

Ⅱ. Detecting magnetic materials within a few matters.

  Gas cylinder, Cleaning tools, Wheelchair include magnetic materials etc.

  →used for bringing prevention of magnetic materials by doctors or traders etc.


Preventing the occurrence of magnetic field in the body, EMC measures thoroughly deleting the influence to MR or other medical equipment etc.

Because MI magnetic series sensor head don’t generate a magnetic field, MAGGUARD don’t affect MR machines. A design for high Shielding performance and a body mainly made from aluminums,thoroughly decease a bad influence on MR machines.

Visualization of the detection position of ferromagnetic materials equipped with position display LED of ferromagnetic materials and a detection sound

 By a single audible alarm and LED lights which color vary by the distance from the ferromagnetic materials,MAGGUARD makes medical staff aware of the position of ferromagnetic materials. So it is effective to locate the ferromagnetic material and save time, and can reduce the stress of hospital staff.

Smart design

Space-saving installation, and easily can be moved

Although MAGGUARD is free-standing device, it don’t require a large area in which to be installed.And a safety design is considered for movement of people. A design regarding weight and shape is devised to allow a hospital staff to move MAGGURD to different locations.


Human Centered Design giving full consideration not only to patients getting MRI but also medical staffs

Giving impression that it’s body is thin and lilting as far as possible,reduces the stress of patients getting MRI and hospital staffs.External dimensions: Height 187×Width 53× Depth32(cm)
 Indicating lights which have High-Visibility and a device shape which is likely to move etc.,giving care to staffs performing the day-to-day operations.

Application examples of MI magnetic series sensor head:

  • Metal detector for security
  • Current sensor with wide range
  • Biological motion sensor
  • Device for inspecting small metallic contaminations in food
  • Device for inspecting Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries of electric vehicles
  • Evaluation apparatus for cultured tissues
  • Magneto cardiograph
  • Magneto encephalograph
  • Device for epilepsy diagnosis