Our Technology

Technology of Fujidenolo

Fujidenolo is also engaged in the technology development that supports the speedy technology innovation and medical technology from our original view point and create the new value to open up in addition to the precision machining technology that has met the long-lasting customers’ needs.

Special Bonding


Polymerization Bonding

Acrylic monomers are poured into the space between acrylic plates and are hardened, post-treated, cut and polished. This method is used to produce such products as large-sized aquariums.

The photo on the upper left-hand side shows the tabletop and legs being coherent by polymerization bonding. When all the steps are completed from bonding to finishing, the product turns into an integrated structure with the bonded surfaces almost completely invisible. Coloring is also possible by mixing pigments into the acrylic monomers, making it possible to create custom-built plates and blocks that cannot be found among existing materials.


Visible Light Bonding

This is a bonding method to harden special adhesives by irradiating a lamp in a visible light (optical) range. Large areas can be bonded without making air bubbles. It is also possible to conduct bonding by tucking a thin sheet of material between plates.

The photo in the upper right-hand side shows bonding done by tucking a piece of hand-made Japanese paper. This is a technique that falls between polymerization bonding and bonding done by using typical adhesives. We are able to propose the best technique to customers by choosing from among many depending on the application and usage condition.