Our Technology

Technology of Fujidenolo

Fujidenolo is also engaged in the technology development that supports the speedy technology innovation and medical technology from our original view point and create the new value to open up in addition to the precision machining technology that has met the long-lasting customers’ needs.

Ultrafine Processing



Ultrafine processing allows even more microscopic and high-precision cut processing. By using laser to correct tools and linearly moving tables, run-out of the principal axis is minimized to enhance precision.

We are skillful at micro processing such as making the accurate hole pitch and working on convex shapes with high-aspect ratio.

Equipment Used

Ultraprecise Micromachine NANO-21


  • Run-out of the primary axis (blade edge)   Within 3μm
  • Process work precision  ±5μm
    Machine precision ±0.2μm
  • Automatic measuring of tool diameters and lengths by laser
  • Temperature control booth added
    The machine is enclosed in a booth where a temperature controller is installed (work environment: 23℃±1℃)


  • Medical care/analyzer-related products
  • Micromachines
  • Information appliances
  • Biotechnology-related products
  • Precision/microscopic components

Basic Specifications

Table moving distance 200×150×150 X:Y:Z
Maximum tool diameter Up to φ6.0
Principal axis rotation frequency 3.000-50.000min-1
Number of tools stored 30

Product Examples

Work Material SUMIKA SUPER
Plate Thickness 1.0mm (aspect ratio: 16)
Tool Used Φ0.06 drill
Processing Precision Hole pitch precision (0.005)
Work Material PEEK
Plate Thickness 0.7mm (aspect ratio: 14)
Tool Used Φ0.05 drill
Processing Precision Hole pitch precision (0.005)