Ultrahigh Sensitive Magnetic Sensor System 『 iMus 』

Technology of Fujidenolo

Fujidenolo is also engaged in the technology development that supports the speedy technology innovation and medical technology from our original view point and create the new value to open up in addition to the precision machining technology that has met the long-lasting customers’ needs.

Ultrahigh Sensitive Magnetic Sensor System 『 iMus 』





World top class* high performance Magnetic sensor
*As the magnetic sensor for the usage of ordinary temperature



Fujidenolo's “iMus ” is equipped with the Ultra sensitive magnetic sensor which is able to detect minute magnetic field change.
The sensor can offer you stable and trustable measurement at the various magnetic environment.

The excellent performance of the sensor is highly evaluated by the makers from various industries as “the World Top Class resolution.”


Advantage of the Sensor


①Accomplishing both the widest range of measurement and highest resolution of magnetic field

The widest range of measurement for the environment which is ±70μT which is higher than terrestrial magnetism is accomplished while it is accomplished with 100pT level, highest resolution.

Generally, wider the range of measurement, the resolution tends to be lower. Fujidenolo succeeded to keep those in a high level with well balanced. 

②Accurate Linearity for the Sensor output

The output of sensor is accurate and maintained to get linear for the change in the sensor output by the change in environmental magnetic field. Left figure indicates that there are no affection for our sensor since no magnetic saturation is caused for the sensor at the level of magnetic field of terrestrial magnetism.

The precision of sensor output is essential, and the data must be perfectly corelated with the input signal for the measuring instrument. Generally speaking, the output of sensor tends to be affected and caused a deviation to the straight line of data. Fujidenolo has improved the sensor output to reduce the deviation.

Improvement in magnetic hysteresis; accomplished to reduce the magnetic hysteresis to less
than 1/6 from the conventional magnetic sensor

Fujidenolo has been improved the performance of sensor, and accomplished to reduce the hysteresis noise to 1/6 from the conventional magnetic sensor.



The comparison of deviation which is caused by changing the direction of the intensity of magnetic field

By increasing/decreasing in the intensity of environmental magnetic field, the output of sensor may be affected and cause the deviation depending on the level of magnetized. Reducing the deviation, it helps to attain the precise measurement.


Dramatic improvement for temperature drift

Having the improvement of the sensor for the change in environmental magnetic field, it is applicable even in the severe atmosphere.

Changing in the circumstantial temperature leads the change in the output. The characteristic is called “the temperature drift” . It is ideal for sensor to have a smaller deviation, which also helps minimizing measuring noises.



Solution with the application of Fujidenolo’s magnetic sensing

    • Easy to apply the Ultra Sensitive Magnetic Sensor which is able to detect a minute change of magnetic field in your research site.

    • It makes possible to attain the high resolution magnetic sensingwithout saturation in a general terrestrial magnetism.

    • It helps to build an evaluation system packaged with magnetic sensor for measuring and signal processing circuit.

    • It is possible to customize a system to suit your needs and for different purposes in accordance to the use.

An example of system configuration


High Extensibility for the system



Sensor resolution: Minimum 100 pT
(depend on the targeted frequency range (band) for measuring)
Measurable range for magnetic signal: -80μT 〜 80μT
Measurable Frequency: DC 〜 500Hz
Sensor Output: Digital data
Sensor size (dimension): Vary by the usage
Structure: Portable/transferable. It is covered by the plastic cover.
Power Supply: Lithium-ion battery or 100V-240V AC