Fujidenolo’s contract manufacturing business undertakes the manufacture of precision components for a wide range of industries, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, medical equipment, and the aircraft industries. We specialize in small-quantity, high-mix production. We also welcome prototypes and special orders.

What makes us different


Production system that enables small-lot, high-mix production

Fujidenolo’s manufacturing is characterized by small-lot, multi-variety make-to-order production rather than general line production, and we are a top runner in plastic parts processing. At times, the company processes 20,000 different products in a single month. We rarely repeat the same work, and each and every one of our employees hones his or her skills to meet the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, we not only manufacture products according to customers’ requests, but we also provide our accumulated “know-how” in materials, processing methods, and other areas. We have earned the trust of our customers by aggressively promoting proposals that take advantage of our “technology” and “design.


Precision product assembly in a clean room

In the semiconductor and medical equipment industries, production equipment and devices are required to be assembled in clean conditions due to more precise and fine-tuned mechanical configurations. Assembly of these highly contamination-free components is performed in clean rooms. We have an environment that provides clean products through a series of processes from processing to cleaning and packaging, including clean rooms of class 100 to 10,000, ultrapure water generation equipment, and ultrasonic cleaning equipment that can handle small to large products. By performing the whole process in a series, we can reduce the lead time. This will also contribute to shortening the time required to complete a project.


Supports products ranging from ultra-fine electronic device components to products related to precision medical equipment

We manufacture a variety of products by listening to our customers’ requests and working together with them from conception and design. As the best partner for our customers, regardless of the scale or content of the planning and development, we will give shape to optimal solutions to issues in a variety of fields. As an example, for the next-generation radiation cancer treatment device using neutron beams, “Accelerator-Based BNCT System,” we are responsible for designing and manufacturing a multi-axis motion treatment couch for the treatment system using a small accelerator that can be installed in private hospitals. We have developed a treatment couch with high irradiation position accuracy, safety, and reliability. The new system has achieved high performance and reliability.

Main Industries

For Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment used in the production of semiconductors includes equipment for forming various types of material films, equipment for processing material films into shapes using photo-etching technology, equipment for adding trace impurities, assembly equipment, inspection equipment, and various other types of equipment. We produce functional parts for the housings and interiors of silicon wafer cleaning equipment and deposition equipment, which are the main front-end processes in semiconductor manufacturing. Resins (PVC, PTFE), which are highly chemical-resistant and non-corrosive materials, are used in the chemical cleaning process. Special resins with various functions, such as super engineering plastics (PI, PEEK) with high strength around hard silicon wafers and resins with high heat resistance that can withstand high temperatures, are often used. In addition, as semiconductor miniaturization technology advances, there is a demand for cleaner equipment and environments, and we are building not only processing technology, but also manufacturing technology and manufacturing environments to meet these demands.

For Electrical and Electronics

As with semiconductors, miniaturization, precision, and weight reduction are rapidly advancing in the electrical and electronics fields. We support our customers’ comprehensive manufacturing efforts, from product functions to productivity improvements, by proposing more efficient and functional manufacturing methods, such as the use of materials that control antistatic and antistatic properties, shapes that effectively demonstrate the required functions, and the pursuit of cost efficiency by reducing the number of manufacturing man-hours through rational processing methods. We support comprehensive manufacturing from product functionality to productivity improvement.
We also provide a wide range of services from the supply of resin precision parts to the processing of parts made of metals, ceramics, and other difficult-to-machine materials, surface treatment, coating, and other processing of various materials, as well as assembly and processing as assembly products under a quality control and production control system that integrates and manages all of these processes. We also offer original assembly jigs and inspection equipment. We also offer a full range of manufacturing services, including designing, manufacturing, and assembly of original assembly jigs and inspection jigs, etc., based on customer issues.

For Medical / Healthcare

With use of resin, knowing characteristics of the material, we manufacture parts and equipment for medical & healthcare such as dialysis machines, ophthalmology equipment, blood analyzers, customized couches for CTs / MRIs and a lot more.
As Fujidenolo being a licensed manufacturer to produce medical devices and equipment, not only plastic parts but also medical devices on an OEM basis can be supplied based on our ISO-compliant management system that includes quality control, production control and traceability systems.
We provide comprehensive support for manufacturing in the medical/healthcare industry.

For Aircraft

Fujidenolo has continued to provide products over the years by constantly introducing new processing technologies in the aircraft industry, which is at the forefront of technological innovation, such as manufacturing acrylic windows for the YS-11 when the company was founded, processing cowling covers for small aircraft and helicopters, processing honeycomb materials used for the interiors of medium-sized passenger aircraft, and seat forming covers.
Currently, we provide plastic parts for the wing adjustment of the state-of-the-art Boeing 787 and reinforced plastic parts that protect around the bolts, using cutting-edge materials and various processing technologies we have accumulated over the years. We were among the first to introduce new material processing and molding technologies, such as the processing of resin reinforced by cutting-edge carbon fiber and other materials in the aircraft industry, where technological innovations in weight reduction are advancing, and have established these as our proprietary processing technologies. Our strength lies in our long years of experience and know-how in the aircraft industry, including our speedy processing and supply systems, and our unique quality control system.

For Commercial Facilities

The commercial environment has changed drastically due to labor shortages, energy issues and COVID-19. A new era has arrived for next-generation stores including DX to respond to these changes. Fujidenolo continues to develop new products that can be recognized “happily used” by directly listening to users’ insights in accordance with the times under the themes of “labor and manpower saving”, “energy saving”, and “SDGs” by fully utilizing the knowledge, the technology, and the networks we have cultivated over the years. In addition, we will continue to provide consistent services from the selection, planning, and production of LED substrates, such as space production using conventional original plates, LED sign production, and light guide plate production.

For Entertainment

Fujidenolo provides a one-stop shop from planning to production, offering total solutions for manufacturing characters goods rather quickly without missing distribution timing/opportunities.

For products and technology inquiries, please contact us.