Our Business Unit

[Contracted Manufacturing Division]
Manufacturing and supplying precision parts for a wide range of industries, including semiconductor manufacturers, electrical and electronic, medical and aircraft industries.

[Healthcare Division]
Manufacturing medical & healthcare related equipment.

[Business Development Division]
Creating new products from the respective approaches of seeds-driven technology team and needs-driven business development team.

Fujidenolo has the three main business units to create new value aiming at further contribution to our society.

Contracted Manufacturing Division

Fujidenolo’s Contracted Manufacturing Division specializes in small-lot, multi-variety production rather than general line production. We also welcome special customized orders from a wide range of industries.

Healthcare Division

Fujidenolo’s Healthcare Division has strengths in the fields of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging, and supports the medical field with reliable technologies and products with a global perspective.

Business Development Division

Fujidenolo’s Business Development Division emphasizes the themes of “Quality”, “Design” and “State-of-the-art Technology” to create products and business solutions supporting the company in transforming to an “Own-brand product manufacturer”, especially in the healthcare/medical fields.

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