Corporate Philosophy
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Unleashing human potential, bringing ideas for life.

PhilosophyUnleashing human potential, bringing ideas for life.

Our company’s definition of “human potential” refers to the untapped latent abilities that we do not even know we have. We place a high corporate value on expanding this “human potential. Furthermore, we are a manufacturer of “products” and our mission is to contribute to the world by creating new wisdom (value) using our refined human abilities and providing it to society as added value. Our employees are motivated to improve every day and spare no effort to develop their abilities, and we hope that they will continue to polish their wonderful gemstones and make them shine brightly.

Terms for Fujidenolo’s employee

  1. One who desires self-growth
  2. One who holds passion inside
  3. One who is cheerful
  4. One who continuously studies
  5. One who is punctual
  6. One who is willing to go the extra mile
  7. One who is honest
  8. One who is thoughtful to others
  9. One who has a special talent
Our view of work
  • “To work” is to act with purpose.
  • Work is not to be viewed as a means to an end.
  • “Getting the work done” means to act and accomplish a worthy goal.
  • To work, one needs WILL, PASSION, and WISDOM.
  • People strive for self-growth through their work by striving to better themselves, and the results of their efforts bring happiness and inspiration(satisfaction).
  • The workplace is a place where dreams can come true.
To achieve the view of work, “the terms for Fujidenolo’s employee” are the essential element.

Employees credo

  1. Without awareness and motivation, it will not start
  2. Boldly take on challenges for the betterment of oneself
  3. Know that challenges that are insurmountable will not appear before you
  4. Knowing that by giving, you receive
  5. Store positive energy
  6. Use wisdom to accomplish things
  7. Continue with ease

Each and every employee plays a leading role in our corporate activities to earn the trust of our customers, business partners, local communities, and all other stakeholders and to meet their expectations. Based on the belief that the greatest power to produce results is the awareness of our employees to “do it without fail,” we have established a “Employees credo” that concretizes the actions of our employees.

Our management philosophy is to contribute to society through manufacturing by value creation utilizing human potential. To put this into practice, it is essential to create a state in which each and every employee has independent thinking and is motivated to work creatively in the corporate organization along with personal growth. We will continue to promote the penetration of our guidelines so that each and every employee will always be aware of the role he or she plays in society and act accordingly.

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