Message from CEO

Manufacturing useful products to make people’s lives happier.

In 2008, we changed our company name to Fujidenolo with the goal of “becoming a manufacturer of our own products that are useful to the world,” and over the next decade we grew into a company that successively introduced original products with design and functionality.

And now we are taking a step into a new field.
The contract business, which has long been trusted as the core of our business, is becoming more and more dependable. In the medical/healthcare field, where we have been focusing our efforts in recent years, we are developing products that will support people’s health in the coming aging society. In the entertainment field, which is a new challenge, we are expanding our business field to unprecedented areas, such as producing hit content before it has even been released to the world.
Even though we have celebrated our 50th anniversary, we will move on to the next 100 years without looking back. We will do our utmost to ensure that Fujidenolo will always be a needed company.

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