Who we are

While we at Fujidenolo are a contract manufacturer of precision components, we are also a company that develops and manufactures products that directly affect “people” in a wide range of fields such as medicine, healthcare, and entertainment. Our products are designed to solve people’s problems, to support their healthy lives, and to bring joy and excitement to the people who use them. We aim to create products that are valuable to many “people.

Design people’s growth Design a Healthy Life Design a tasteful life DESIGN the joy of meeting

About Communication Mark

The “d” of Denoro is used as a symbolic form in this communication mark. It expresses the Fujidenolo brand, which provides products that are useful to people and the world, and that combine design and a sense of style. This mark will be used mainly in public relations and promotional activities, and will be utilized in future brand communication.

The Ideas Behind the Company’s Name and Logo

Denolo” in our company name is a coined word that combines the words “design” (de-sign)and “technology” (tech-nolo-gy). It expresses our desire to be a manufacturer that provides products with both design and functionality. The logo mark uses a symbolic design that mixes the Chinese character for “people” in the management philosophy and “Fuji” (=Mt. Fuji) in the company name.

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