Medical Imaging Software
On-premise type / Cloud type
PACS with DICOM server and web-based DICOM viewer functionality, featuring a simple UI and fast operation that is easy to use even with tablets. Seamless integration with electronic medical records, HIS, and RIS via URL. Easy to implement at low cost.

For your DICOM data handling solution

  • Simple user interface for intuitive use for everyone

  • It will only take minutes to create your own PACS

  • Budget suitable

Product features

Feature 1

Advantages of web-based DICOM Viewer

・Just access the URL and log in to view images
・Secure access through HTTPS protocol
・No additional software installation
・No plugins/addons required
・Available on various OSs (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android)
・PC and tablet are supported
・Works lightly even on low-spec devices
・Easy integration with EMR, HIS and RIS via URL

Advantages of web-based DICOM Viewer
Feature 2

PACS that can be selected according to your purpose

【Cloud version】
・Access from anywhere in the world
・Subscription payment with no initial cost
・Share images with patients and outside physicians
・No server maintenance required
・No more CDs, DVDs and films
・Online backup for disaster recovery

【On-premise version】
・Access from your network only
・One-time payment license
・Choose a best server for you
・Minimal setup with smart installer

PACS that can be selected according to your purpose
Feature 3

Distributor Program

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Distributor Program

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