The business development division aims to produce products and services mainly in the medical and healthcare fields. We want to contribute to society and our customers through manufacturing, making the world a healthier and happier place. With this in mind, we aim to be a manufacturing company that will please every stakeholder.

What make us different


A fusion of design quality and state-of-the-art technology

In every Fujidenolo’s products, design quality and technology go hand in hand. And that is what Fujidenolo aims for in its product manufacturing. In the past, our product has won the Good Design Award for its functional value. We will continue to introduce products to the world that contribute to our lives and the society. Another strength we have is that we have accumulated a wide range of elemental and cutting-edge technologies, allowing us to proceed simultaneously with technological development (functionality) and design (usability) from the planning stage.


Two product development processes: needs-driven and seeds-driven

The needs-driven product development process aims to find the world’s needs and the client’s business challenges and create value in solving them. It is a creative approach that not only improves the problem, but also captures the essence of the problem and leads to fundamental improvements with new functions and ideas. Not only our sales staff, who are in contact with customers, but also our product planning and development staff are always focused on discovering issues, discussing various factors such as functionality and design to solve problems, and aiming to create the best products for our users. On the other hand, the product development process is seed-driven, creating an environment for the development of elemental and cutting-edge technologies to generate innovation and achieve greater technological evolution. It is a creative approach of not only solving the problems, but also capturing the essence of the problem and leads to fundamental improvements with new functions and ideas.

Needs-driven product development process

Seed-driven product development process

Our Product Development Units

Needs-driven development by Business Development Division

Business Development Unit

Business model establishment / Business planning / Marketing strategy / Sales strategy / Market introduction / After-sales support

Product Development Unit

Idea searching / Technical concept development / Product design

Product Design Unit

Idea searching / Creative direction / Design

Seed-driven development by Technological R&D Division

Through joint research with universities and research institutes, we engage in basic and applied research to develop useful products by utilizing basic technologies.

In-house developed healthcare product line

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