Healthcare Division

Fujidenolo’s healthcare business covers the fields of healthcare to medical. We manufacture devices and parts related to the fields, import and distribute medical equipment focusing on radiology (radiotherapy and imaging), supporting patients and treatment facilities.

What makes us different


We manufacture and supply equipment that supports cutting-edge medical care in the fields of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging.

Fujidenolo manufactures and supplies various medical related devices such as MAGGUARD series, which detects ferromagnetic material before going into MRI room to prevent from MRI accidents, Bolus and Collimators, which support high-precision for proton beam cancer treatment, and special examination tables/couches.
Our cloud-based medical image management system, SonicDICOM PACS, allows medical images to be stored securely in a robust cloud environment without requiring installation of dedicated software or servers, thereby reducing initial investment costs.
In addition to internal hospital use as a PACS, it enables seamless medical collaboration, remote diagnosis, and visiting medical care, allowing medical images/data to be shared and viewed without the need for physical media, promoting collaboration among groups of hospitals.


Contributing to medical practices around the world with products that take advantage of our cultivated technologies

We are expanding our global market with “MAGGUARD” equipped with MI sensor as a foothold. We will not simply sell products, but will make further improvements based on feedback from customers in each country and region.
The cloud-based medical image management system “SonicDICOMⓇ PACS” is server-less and user-maintenance free, and its web browser-based viewer enables stress-free access to medical images from anywhere in the world with high-speed image processing, and it can be used in medical networks across countries.
The new system is being used in medical facilities around the world.


Products that work directly with people to support healthy living

We are committed to improving the world and society through products that embody our management philosophy and work directly with people. For example, in the midst of a super-aging society, our goal is to provide value that can support, even if only a little, the “lifestyles of 80 to 100 year olds” so that they can “truly” lead healthy and vigorous lives.

In-house developed healthcare product line

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